Austria weather map

The weather in most locations in Austria today is expected to be warmer than yesterday, with average temperatures ranging from -3.22°C to 6.24°C.

Weather forecast for major cities in Austria

Location Forecast Now Min Max Chance of rain
Vienna Light Rain 4.94° 4.33° 8.02° 100%
Styria Snow 1.76° -1.71° 2.53° 100%
Tyrol Light Snow 3.41° -4.75° 3.46° 100%
Upper Austria Rain And Snow 6.24° 2.24° 7.84° 100%
Salzburg Rain And Snow 6.1° 1.5° 7.67° 100%
Carinthia Rain And Snow 4.48° 1.31° 6.04° 100%
Burgenland Moderate Rain 4.65° 3.06° 7.23° 100%
Vorarlberg Snow -3.22° -6.76° -2.48° 100%
Lower Austria Rain And Snow 0.97° 0.5° 5.51° 100%

Frequently asked questions

What is the weather right now in Austria?

As of now, the weather in major cities in Austria varies:
- In Upper Austria, the temperature is around 6.24°C (43.23°F), with rain and snow.
- In Vorarlberg, the current temperature is about -3.22°C (26.2°F) snow.

What type of climate zone is Austria?

Most cities in Austria are classified within the Humid continental, no dry season, warm summer climate zone (Köppen: Dfb).

Where is the hottest place in Austria today?

Upper Austria is the hottest place in Austria right now with the daily high temperature reaching 6.24°C or 43.23°F, followed by Salzburg (6.1°C/42.98°F), Vienna (4.94°C/40.89°F) and Burgenland (4.65°C/40.37°F).

What is the coldest place in Austria right now?

Vorarlberg is the coldest place in Austria right now, with average temperatures hovering around -3.22 °C or 26.2 °F.